About Us

PBC Insurance Group is an independent health & life insurance agency located in Palm Beach Gardens in South Florida.Our main lines of business are Health and Life Insurance. As a DJ Financial Services partner, we work with top carriers such as Humana, Aetna, United Healthcare (AARP), United American, North American, National General, John Hancock, Lincoln and more, which allows us to shop for the best plan to suit your needs. We have no allegiance to any one carrier or philosophy, as we feel that different types of health and life insurance all have their places.

Recently, we expanded our business model by creating our sister company MyMD Home to connect Direct Primary Care (DPC) and concierge care practices to consumers and employer groups. The DPC model is essentially an affordable version of the concierge care model, which enables both the practice and the patient to bypass traditional insurance for office visits and procedures. The result is better care  and significantly lower healthcare costs for patients as well as reduced overhead for the practice.

As a supporter of the DPC movement, we also offer catastrophic health plans that are the perfect compliment to DPC/ concierge care memberships- all at a considerable discount to marketplace health insurance

As a reminder, we do not charge a fee for our consultations. When choosing a policy, your payment goes directly to the insurance company. If you have questions or have existing policies that need to be reviewed, contact us today.

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