Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness protection policy that pays a lump sum benefit directly to you upon the first diagnosis of a critical illness including:

• Major Organ Transplant
• Heart Attack
• Total Loss of Eyesight
• Stroke
• Total Loss of Hearing
• End Stage Renal Failure

What is your risk?

The statistics are clear: people are living longer, and as they do, they are more likely to experience a critical illness. According to the American Heart Association*:

• About 85.6 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular disease or the aftereffects of stroke.
• Direct and indirect costs of cardiovascular diseases and stroke total more than $320.1 billion.
• Heart disease strikes someone in the U.S. every 43 seconds.
• Someone in the U.S. has a stroke about once every 40 seconds.


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