My MD Home

What is My MD Home ?

My MD Home is a network of Direct Primary Care and Concierge medical practices that connects people who are proactive about their health with physicians who want to go back to a model of practicing medicine the way it used to be; by spending as much time as needed with patients to ensure that they get the care they need. Sound familiar? it should , because it’s been done before. For those of you who remember watching Marcus Welby MD. , you remember what is was like to have same-day appointments or house calls that were not rushed as they often are today in traditional medical practices. By educating consumers on the benefits of a subscription membership model currently being used by Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices, these programs help restore the doctor-patient relationship by embracing a model of preventive care which results in lower healthcare costs by substantially reducing the amount of ER, Hospital and Specialist visits. My MD Home aspires to expand the DPC and Concierge models to specialty practices that may benefit from a subscription model. If you are a provider, patient or a supporter of this movement , contact us today. Click here to go to My MD Home. .

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